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GETF partners with over 600 organizations

Since 1988, we’ve forged, designed and managed transformational alliances across sectors and geographies - consistently proving that collective action is a cornerstone for building thriving communities.

As a trusted partner to companies, governments, civil society, community leaders, implementers and impact investors, we uniquely catalyze co-investment to make powerful, lasting change.

How we work with partners

Private Sector Partnerships with Purpose

Partnerships with business underpin GETF’s work.

From medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations, our operating model strengthens private sector sustainability by working across commercial value chains with communities to create shared gains.

By deepening strategic commitments, surfacing and deploying innovative and proven approaches, products and ideas, we deliver business growth while unlocking financial, human and natural capital for social impact.

Examples of our corporate partner network include:

Bringing private sector capabilities to community development

GETF harnesses the power of the private sector to tackle critical challenges in support of Sustainable Development Goals. By motivating business to set ambitious goals, collaborate across sectors and leverage core capacities – we help achieve more impact for more people, faster.

Public Sector Engagement

GETF’s relationships with leading government agencies and multilateral institutions demonstrate our ability to deliver effective, context-driven solutions to meet agency mission objectives.

By providing sectoral expertise, partnership design and management, best practice insight, monitoring, evaluation and fiscal management, we ensure that implementation uplifts vulnerable communities in innovative, sustainable and cost-effective ways.

GETF routinely works in partnership with executive branch agencies, donor governments and intergovernmental organizations including, among others:

Civil Society Development Partners and Networks

Fundamental to GETF’s impact is our successful collaboration with some of the world’s leading implementing partners.

From community-based organizations to humanitarian aid agencies and social and environment development networks, we collaborate to bring knowledge, expertise and resources to implement context-driven solutions.

Some of our civil society partners include:

Philanthropic Foundations and Impact Investors

GETF’s focus on incubating new ideas and scaling innovative models is made possible by established partnerships with some of the most renowned foundations.

We share knowledge and replicate successful initiatives at local, national and international levels with partners such as:

International Financing and Partnership Organizations

We regularly engage with international finance and partnership organizations that invest in GETF-managed public-private partnerships to mobilize expert networks and deliver system strengthening to reach more people in need.

Academic Institution Partners

Our knowledge sharing and research collaboration with some of the world’s finest academic organizations ensure our impact is demonstrably evidence-based.

A sample of our academic partners include: