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Through RAIN, The Coca-Cola Foundation has provided access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene for over 7 million people in 41 African countries.

Designed and managed by GETF,  RAIN is the Coca-Cola system’s flagship African community program contributing to the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on clean water and sanitation access (SDG 6).

By deploying a network of over 350 public, private, and civil society partners, RAIN addressed specific community needs and created long-lasting impact through WASH and other water-based activities.


Clean water, sanitation and hygiene access for over 7 million people:

  • Served more than 1,200 schools and 60 clinics
  • Empowered over 480,000 women
  • Strengthened 14 water utilities across 17 cities
  • Contributed to strengthening the health of 8 watersheds through nature-based solutions
  • Returned 12BN liters to nature and communities
  • Provided 350,000 people with COVID-19 prevention supplies