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Monica Ellis

Monica is Chief Executive Officer and a founding member of the Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF).

A leader in sustainable development, Monica has worked throughout the world  on global natural resource issues, with particular attention on the clean water, climate, health and economic empowerment sectors. She specializes in developing high impact partnerships with leading companies, government agencies, civil society and philanthropists to develop sustainable communities. Her passion centers on working with communities in the developing world to gain  clean water, sanitation and ultimately, economic opportunity.

As a passionate advocate of innovation, she has also helped launch several  successful companies in the environmental technology, information  technology and communications sectors. She is a member/advisor to several  boards, including GETF, Water For People, the Johns Hopkins University Global Water Advisory Board, US Water Partnership, the Graham Sustainability Institute  at the University of Michigan and the Global Water Institute at Ohio State  University.  She is a graduate of the University of Missouri.  Monica is a recipient  of the William K. Reilly Award for Environmental Leadership.

Monica also serves as CEO of Global Water Challenge (GWC), an action-oriented coalition of corporations, NGOs and other organizations committed to achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation, her leadership has enabled more than 2 million people in Africa, Central and Latin America and India to gain clean water access. Under her leadership, GETF and GWC have mobilized over $300 million for clean water access and community development efforts that today benefits over 8 million people.