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Cindy-Ann (CA) Hersom

Cindy-Ann (CA) Hersom is a senior advisor to GETF and Global Water Challenge supporting strategic planning and communications across the Foundation’s partner platforms.

As a sustainability marketing and branding specialist, global business owner and corporate executive, CA has led numerous multi-country assignments focused on achieving both social and commercial value at scale.

Working within and alongside multinational business systems such as Coca-Cola, she has played key roles in sustainability agenda-setting – frequently bringing together iconic brands, impact organizations and influencers to forge pioneering alliances that help alleviate human suffering and habitat decline.

As former co-owner and CMO of ignition Inc. (now Havas Sport and Entertainment), CA helped to form, grow and transition a sector-leading enterprise while making a positive difference to thousands of young people and revolutionizing experiential marketing in creativity and environmental sustainability.

A news reporter by trade, CA holds a degree in journalism from Tshwane University of Technology and a postgraduate in copywriting from the AAA School of Advertising. She is passionate about experiencing new cultures, discovering leading-edge art and music and has lived and worked across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Having grown up in South Africa, with an initial career spent traversing the continent, CA has a calling to positively impact Africa and her people.