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Dr. Robert W. Corell

Dr. Robert W. Corell is a Director and Principal at the Global Environment & Technology Foundation, leading international programs and research focused on the sciences of climate and global change and that facilitate science-to-policy strategies that address nature, people’s well-being and a sustainable planetary environmental envelope.

He is focused on programs and activities that explicitly address those human-induced changes that are disruptive, and which are leading to transformations across both public and private spheres of societies. GETF provides a structure that enables us to lead efforts from foundational science, engineering and technology, adaptation strategies, mitigating the causalities to geopolitical dynamics across Asia, the Euro-American regions and in the southern hemisphere.

Dr. Corell is dedicated to frame these programs in ways that are increasingly formulated to accelerate positive social outcomes, to expand knowledge for all, facilitate technological innovation and foster institutional cultures that are dedicated to the benefit of society.

Dr. Corell holds Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degrees from Case Western Reserve University and MIT. He was the Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation for Geosciences, responsible for the Atmospheric, Earth and Ocean Sciences and Polar Programs. He led the U.S. climate and global change research program and international programs for the UN, global and regional research science and related public policy assessments. He has been and continues to be recognized with international awards, Honorary Doctor Degrees, and other recognitions.