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Ana Alí Simón

Ana Alí Simón is the Coordinator for the Coca-Cola Replenish Program in Mexico.

Ana is a biodiversity, sustainability, and climate change specialist with 12+ years of international, multicultural, and cross-sectoral experience doing field work, research, communication, and project development/management in India, South Africa, United States, and Mexico.

As an independent consultant, she has collaborated in many successful projects with government agencies, non-profits, rural communities, universities, social entrepreneurs, and the private sector. She helps connect financial capital to social and environmental capital through nature-based solutions.

Ana holds a bachelor’s in biology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, postgraduate studies in natural resources and a master’s in science in climate change and development from the University of Cape Town, where she specialized in policy analysis regarding coherence between biodiversity conservation, climate change and poverty alleviation. The driving force of her life and career is to create positive change in the world.