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Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott is the President of the Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF) driving focus on new partnership development, strategy and execution - with emphasis on GETF’s growing Public Health practice.

With a decade of experience building and managing global health  programs and cross-sector partnerships for social impact in emerging markets, Alex also serves as Director of Delivery for Project Last Mile (PLM), a leading example of how private sector engagement can improve availability and uptake of medicines across Africa. Since joining the PLM team, she has helped grow the partnership from zero to 10 countries, designing and building programs that improve medicine availability and access for millions of people in Africa.

Alex is committed to developing and applying business-based solutions to  international health and development challenges. She has a unique ability to inspire and facilitate collaborative action on systems strengthening to  achieve the SDGs. She is passionate about building and launching novel  programs and partnerships that help people live their best lives.

Alex holds a B.S. in International Health from the Georgetown University  School of Nursing and Health Studies and a Masters in Global Human  Development from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. She is  passionate about travel and has lived and worked in countries across Africa  and Southeast Asia, including Laos, Tanzania and South Africa.