Announced in March 2012, the U.S. Water Partnership (USWP) unites and mobilizes U.S. expertise, resources and ingenuity to address water challenges around the globe, particularly in the developing world. A joint effort of both public and private sectors in the U.S., the partnership is supported by 120 government agencies, academic organizations, water coalitions, NGOs, and private sector entities. USWP connects people and resources, harnessing the technical skills and capabilities of its partners to advance understanding of critical water issues and scale evidence-based solutions to solve these challenges around the world. GETF serves as Executive Secretariat for the U.S. Water Partnership.

Representative project activities include:

H2infO: Powered by the U.S. Water Partnership, is a web portal that provides a single-entry point for access to quality U.S.-based, water-related resources that contribute to solutions for global water challenges. This web portal features a robust library of over 3,200 water information resources developed by U.S. Water Partnership members that can be used by stakeholders around the world.

 Energizing the Network: To date, USWP has convened over 1,600 practitioners, experts, and decisionmakers from diverse sectors through numerous events to address water issues. These convenings have fostered the exchange of information on emerging trends and challenges, sharing of best practices and innovative technologies, discussions on priority focal areas, and ultimately, cultivated working relationships for collaborative innovation around water issues.