“We need a global clean energy revolution — a revolution that makes energy available and affordable for all.  This is essential for minimizing climate risks, for reducing poverty and improving global health, for empowering women and meeting the Millennium Development Goals, for global economic growth, peace and security, and the health of the planet.” Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

“Climate change presents major and growing concerns to the Arctic region and the entire world. While these concerns are important now, they are even more important for the future generations that will inherit the legacy of our current stewardship.” Dr. Bob Corell, Head of the U.S. Office for the Global Energy Assessment and Chair of the Global Climate Action Initiative

As global demand for energy rapidly increases, clean energy solutions are emerging as a key component to sustainable development.  In order to protect natural resources, secure food and water supplies, lower pollution and reduce and mitigate the threat of climate change, we must support development of innovative, efficient, and clean approaches to meet our energy needs.

GETF’s experience in clean energy and climate change includes:

  • The Center for Energy & Climate Solutions (CECS) was founded in 1999 to help businesses, government and environmental organizations develop high-leverage technological, strategic, financial and regulatory tools to foster the adoption of clean energy solutions.  The Center promotes clean and efficient energy technologies to cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants and conducts client-specific research on a wide range of energy and climate-related topics.
  • To see other examples of GETF’s clean energy and climate change work, click here.
involves specialists from a range of disciplines, industry groups and policy areas in defining a new global energy policy agenda, one that is capable of transforming the way society thinks about, uses and delivers energy and to facilitate equitable and sustainable energy services for all, in particular the two billion people who currently lack access to clean, modern energy.