women for water is partnering with The Coca-Cola Foundation through the next cycle of the New World Program (NWP) to support 12 projects in the following 11 countries: Armenia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Jordan, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Rwanda and South Africa. In Kenya, NWP and women for water are partnering with Mama Maji to empower women entrepreneurs to establish and scale their own water and sanitation enterprises. In Kazakhstan, rural women farmers are gaining access to innovative irrigation technologies, markets and productive resources leading to increased income and decision-making opportunities within their communities.

 women for water is committed to supporting the empowerment of women and girls across 10,000 communities by 2030 through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and life skills programs. As water is the common thread to alleviate barriers to women’s empowerment in communities of need, women for water delivers compelling and effective engagement opportunities for organizations and corporations to empower women through water. The platform specializes in scaling proven programs, mobilizing mainstream awareness and action, and promoting learning sharing and innovation. GWC will be expanding the women for water project pipeline in 2020 to continue driving progress and empowering lives through every drop!

Check out the women for water website here to learn more!